Saturday, April 7, 2007

Right now Im sitting at our hostel in Sarajevo. For the next few days, Im gonig to post whenever i get a chance so I dont forget anything about our trip, and my parents dont worry too much. Sorry there wont be any pictures, but just google bosnia if you are interested.

We left Budapest Thursdaz night at 1130. I was at the train station buying my ticket at 5 pm when I started talking to this Canadian guy. Turns out after half our he was born in Montenegro and was going to Belgrade that night. Well I invited him over for a drink and then we just hung out on our balcony for a few hours. We were supposed to meet up in Belgrade, but he ditched me. In addition to the nine of us that are going to be travelling in the Balkans for 10 days (itinerary: Belgrade, Sarajevo, Mostar, Dubrovnik, Montenegro, Albania or Kosovo, Macedonia and home). we met an English girl and kid from New Zealand as well as a couple of Californians.

Belgrade was cool, we walked around the citadel for a few hours and then got a bus to Sarajevo. The bus ride was absolutly amaying. Beyond imaginable. Just like that movie Behind Enemy Lines for 8 hrs. Yes it was 8 hrs of hills, so it was a little sickening, but ok in the end.

The bus comes into the Serbian side of Sarajevo because its probably full of Serbs from Belgrade, so we had to ride public transportation for the 20 km into town. Two guys Andrew and Kenrich didnt know how the sytem worked and didnt validate their tickets. Normally not a problem but two controllers got on the tram. Well after lots of shouting (us in Englihs, them inCroatian) we finally give in to paying a fine. These guys were real assholes adn just looking to make a buck. The other people on the bus advised us not to pay, but they called the police so we gave in. Ill elaborate on thsi story more.

Our hostel is amaying, right downtown Sarajevo. The city has a feel unlike any other. Its small, and has mosques and churches everywhere. Its short too so its like a ski resort town feel almost. Wećre only just here, and Im really excited to get out and explore. Ill keep you updated.


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You need to enhance your descriptive writing skills. A feel like no other? Sounds like bad sophomoric writing.

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the z and the y dan the z and the y