Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An Epic Wound in the making

So this is a pretty amateur photo taken just a few minutes ago, but i'm sure its going to develop into an epic wound. I say this because I'm going to play a lot of softball and probably not slow down.

I made the worst of the wound on Friday during our softball victory over the DCI thinktank. Let's just say I rounded first a bit too far on a gravel field and bit the dust. And no I didn't come out of the game - i had to cover up the blood well enough so no one would say anything.

Then today in a game on the national mall, I was not going to make the 1st out at third in my quest for a triple - the sacrifice: reopening the wound.

And with a game tomorrow and a tournament on Saturday - I'm guessing there's no rest in site. So like I say an epic wound. Below is a photo of the original wound.


Eric(K) said...

Don´t worry I got plent of cuts, well astro burns, while playing hockey and I reopened them constantly, when they healed over summer I was left with pink purple knees but now they´ve gone, wear your scars with honour while you have them

Jeb Koogler said...

Oh, that's so goddam gross.

Nice work.