Monday, March 26, 2007

Hungarian Stalker

Ok so this story should really alarm you about the level of stalking on the web. So I logged into my email last Sunday after a few days of being a tourist. There was this email in my inbox from a random Hungarian person. (It’s ok if you are reading this – I didn’t mind but it’s a funny story for the folks back home). This girl (I think) asked me what I thought of Salgotarjan and why I visited and what I was doing in Hungary. So this took me completely off guard and I wondered how this person got my blog address – I’m pretty sure my grandma and eric are the only ones that ever read it. And I know Eric wouldn’t spread rumors like that.

So I emailed the girl back and then did some intense detective work. After a google search I found a Hungarian blog about that town and they had somehow got word of my blog. I had Eric ask his Hungarian girlfriend to translate some of it (thanks Anna), and she told us what it said. Turns out this blog is dedicated to this town in northern Hungary. The town is pretty big so that makes sense, and the people on the blog were just kind of interested what a tourist had to say about their town. I don’t think many people visit it, because as you’ll see in my earlier post – it doesn’t have a lot of classical Hungarian traditions to offer. Still it was a good base for us to see the surrounding castles and Eric got to experience his first McDonalds breakfast there. I should probably stop rambling but I just would like to brag that there are now Hungarians reading my blog.

I’ll probably try to keep in touch with this person and see what they think of my continued posts about Hungary, but it makes you think about what kind of stuff you put on the web and how personal some people’s blogs are (ahem…Eric). Here are some pictures of the stalker's town.

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Eric(K) said...

My blogs not too personal! your blog isn't personal enough, so what if someone else reads about your life at least this means your interesting,

ps dan supports torture