Monday, March 26, 2007

Talk about awkward

Sorry its been so long since I updated the blog. Liz has been visiting from the states, and I’ve had midterms for all my tests this week. Still there is much to report. Probably what you most want to read about is the crazy March 15th celebrations, but you’ll just have to wait a few days for an explanation (it was pretty lame anyway).

I actually wanted to write about this really awkward encounter at the Natural History Museum in Budapest. I blame this encounter completely on Eric and Laura who went with me to the museum.

We got in for free and had a good time looking around and everything – its actually a pretty nice museum. But the really fun part was that they were having some type of reception. This involved all kinds of free wine and breaded meat which of course I was all over. Trouble was there was no one going for the reception area and this really burly looking guy was kind of standing in the way. So after reprimanding Eric and Laura several times, I finally convinced Laura to walk over with me. We snagged some food just as a huge crowd was descending so our entrance was safe. So we’re sitting around eating our food like mice on cheese when we spot this American looking guy. He’s wearing a Lake George, New York t-shirt and his wife and son both have old navy gear and jeans on. So Laura says, “Oh yeah, he’s totally American. You should go talk to him.” And Eric says, “Yeah, if I saw someone who I knew was from Ireland, I would definitely go talk to them.” So me never being one to turn down a challenge headed in like Little Red Riding Hood. Of course he wasn’t from the states, although he did speak English and was an artist funded by some Japanese couple’s art gallery in New York City – who knew? I had about a 30 second chat and tried to bring Laura in who introduced herself with a itty bitty whisper – Eric just avoided the conversation entirely. After a few minutes of awkwardness I made some half-assed excuse and bailed. It was really awkward – but the free wine and meat was great. Usually I’m the one that gets mistaken for being Hungarian, but I made a really big mistake this time. Oh well – shit happens.

The picture is just some random group of Indians that happen to show up around Budapest in bizarre places singing songs from Titanic and war chants.

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