Thursday, May 24, 2007

AC Milan 2 Liverpool 1 - Robbed

Corvinus University, Budapest, 2:34 PM

Twelve long hours later I'm back in Budapest. Actually the train ride was quite pleasant and I only noticed I had neighbors in the seats next to me is when I woke up to them leaving. I had a little grouping of four chairs to myself. It was upon noticing one such person leave that I saw today's newspaper and deciphered the German enough to figure out that Liverpool had suffered defeat in the Champion's League Cup. For all you biased American sports fans out there this is the Superbowl of European soccer. I only watched the first half before I left Zurich and was still on my damn train by the time the game ended, got published, and printed in a newspaper half way across Europe - that's what made me realize it was a long train ride.

Day 2 in Zurich was pretty relaxing in keeping with the Swiss spirit. We got up late and rented bikes (for free) and rode around Lake Zurich and a bit of the town. Ate some delcious bratwursts with Emily feeding the ducks. Back for a nap then up to the zoo for Eric's marvelous idea of a view (acutally there wasn't a view just rain) and back to the apartment with some Carlsberg, spaghetti (carlsberg for liverpool, spaghetti for milan). Damn shame that Liverpool dominated most of the game and still ended up losing. Also too bad about all those crazy English hooligans getting kicked out of the stadium (secretly i'm laughing).

Back in Budapest for a day and up to Oxford and London tomorrow. See how the English will help me ease this transition back to the states. Maybe their funny accidents will be just the stepping stone i need. If not that, i'll sure be happy to see Iowa prices after spending the Pound.

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