Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Balkans Greatest Hits

For the longest time now, I've been promising to give a full account of my incredible Spring Break. This is just the intro, and then I'll go into more detail about each country. Surprisingly the trip followed our planned itinerary almost perfectly. It took around 1300 miles, 11 buses, 4 trains to make it to six Balkan countries, all in the span of 10 days. Needless to say, when we got back to Budapest, we were wrecked. There were 11 of us in all travelling in the area, though people took different routes so at most we had nine people together. Like you, I knew almost nothing about the area until I was actually travelling through, so don't think I'm an expert at all.

That picture above is the map of our journey, and this one below is all my packing materials. Thanks to Eric for lending me the bag - I was lucky enough to carry all my clothes plus all of Laura's - I think it helped get me into shape. The trip was a blast, though it was exciting to get back to Budapest and have a day to rest.

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