Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I love Switzerland

The Apartment, Zurich, 1:15 AM Wednesday

We had a great day, and did nowhere near as many things as the past days included. We got a bit of a late start and got a train off to Lucerne at 10:30. Of course the Swiss trains leave on time so we had to run onto the moving train, but we made it. Also, we of course bought the wrong tickets because we couldn't believe how expensive they were - wow is this country expensive.

We got to Lucerne at a decent hour and walked around the town. Eric and Emily had been here before with Eric's dad who lives in Switzerland. They both just got back from study abroad programs in South Africa and Madagascar, respectively.

Lucerne was a quaint littel town with a lake at the foot of the Alps. We got some lunch at a fast food Italian place and then headed for the beach. What a good decision. The day turned out to be incredibly hot and we spent maybe 3 hrs napping, playing frisbee and swimming. By far the perfect way to spend the day in Switzerland. If for no other reason then we weren't spending money on anything else.

We got back here to Zurich at about 6:00. I have to rave just a bit about Swiss transportation. All the stations are right down town, very fast and easy to use and just generally awesome. Everything works perfectly, basically the Swiss have the perfect life.

Ok anyway we went shopping and bought all the ingredients for a great dinner. We whipped up some pasta, ceaser salad, and some very bad wine for dinner. Then drafted a few emails and out to explore Zurich proper.

This city is so beautiful. The trams go everywhere and there are all these little pedestrian streets with cobblestones on both sides of the river. Then there is this nice little hill with a park on top and a chess board with pieces the size of dogs. And every corner of the city is beautiful, modern, and clean. back at the apartment, and i should head for bed. tomorrow is a long day with a train departure for budapest at 10:30.

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