Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Calm Down

I hate DC interns. I know this is absurd because I’m one of them, but the over ambitious youth in this city are nauseating. So many college students thinking their pesky little three months here are going to change the world. Are you kidding, politicians spend years here and don’t get anything done. The Union Station metro station is of particular displeasure. Seeing all the senate interns pull our their IDs, check their ties, and unplug their ipods. Has our culture really lost all sense of itself. Are we really this geared on power that we have to care about our lives when we are so young. Yea call me a hypocrite but at least I can acknowledge how much pressure there is to succeed at such a young age. Something needs to be done to convince us to relax and live a little. A lot of people can do this alongside such internships and take them with a grain of humility, I like to think I’m in this category.

What I’m really trying to say is that this has to be the most arrogant city in the world. Sure New York is busier and London and Paris probably more glamorous but DC is so full of itself. Nowhere will you meet so many self important people. Last week at my think tank we had this function for foreign policy types. I mean people were too busy to even tell me their name for registration before going to the seminar. I mean are you honestly that important when I’ve never even heard of you before. Do so many people really always have to be on their blackberries, have to interrupt every meeting for an “important” phone call? Does the world really end if you don’t take that? Alright my rant is done, but this city needs to relax.


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