Monday, June 25, 2007

How to get ahead

When you think of playing in the US Senate's Softball League, it brings to mind two things. The first is an image of Tom Cruise playing softball in A Few Good Men. Now the movie is pretty good, but what pops up in my head is Tom Cruise hitting ground balls to an atrocious shortstop while Kevin Bacon argues legal theory. The movie does justice to the seriousness of the sport.
The second image that pops into my mind is Matt Damon trying to defend playing poker with his law school professors to his girlfriend. The conversation goes something like her thinking hes getting in the door because of his extracurricular potential. He'll be like that lawyer who is assured of a job as long as he shows up at the interoffice football match every year. While I don't think softball has become this serious yet for the US Senate, it does matter.
Well it just so happens that both of my day jobs are accompanied by ambitious softball teams with huge desires to succeed. The Harkin team comes with special attachment as we play our inter-state, cross party rival in the form of Senator Grassley's team. This is big. This is so big that Senator Harkin actually shows up to the game to cheer on the team. Now with all this talk of partaisanship in Washington, it is probably no more reflected than on the softball field. Thing is Dems or R's can be just as mean to each other when it comes to softball.
Now you would guess the "think tank" league would be a bit less competitive, but oh no my friend, you have no idea what it means to those future assitant secretaries of state and whitehouse third level advisors to win a softball game. Not to drop any names but word on the street - Heritage and American Enterprise are quite the competitive institutions.
So just getting it out there that softball is the shit in this city in the summer - watch out if you want a job in DC but can't field a glove

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