Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I have a dream

So I’ve decided that my graduation present to myself is going to be a bike ride from northern Mexico to Ushuaia on the tip of Argentina – the southern most city in the world. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible and there is no way to finance it, but hey there isn’t an idea yet that I’ve shied away from. Right now I’m convinced I can get from Texas to Panama easily enough. It’s getting from there through Columbia that I’m worried about. And once I’m through Columbia I can just hop on Che’s route and I’m golden.

So you might wonder what has prompted this – I have no idea other than Eric has really made me like cycling. I speak a bit of Spanish and figured this was the best, cheapest way to see South America. Now how long is this going to take, probably longer than I expect. I’m guessing 4 – 8 months but who really knows. Google Earth says its something absurd like 9000 miles from Texas to Buenos Aires - averaging 75 miles a day, that's only 120 days.

All I know is that I spent 2 hrs at Barnes and Noble on Friday night planning my route. I know right now that its going to include Mexico City, the Panama Canal, Machu Pichu and most of Che Guevera’s route, though he had a motorcycle. I’m convinced it can be done on bike – where there are roads, I can go. So if you know of anyone out there who has looked into this, let me know. Looks like I’ll be departing next February and I’m sure my parents will be pleased to hear the news.

Perhaps the (new) name of the blog says it all. I really just can’t sit still, and this way I can have the travel adventure of my life and not have to buy a plane ticket or spend too much money - for these same reasons Ernesto Guevera and Alberto Granado embarked fifty years ago. My college loans kick in after 6 months so that’s the real deadline to get back – we’ll see how I do. Most of you probably think I’m crazy and will never do this, but like Eric with his ride across Europe, maybe if I make this thought public there will be enough pressure to actually do it. Just wait – February will be here before you know it.

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