Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I want to ride my bicycle

Cycling in DC, what a perfect place for a bike. I really got adjusted to cycling around a city in Budapest, but my fascination has continued here in the district. On Sunday I rode about 30 miles on a path along the Potomac on the Virginia side of the river. On Friday I even took my bike the 10 miles to work and cycled all around the city. Maybe its that feeling you get when you get that bike in like 4th grade where the whole town is yours. Dexter and I would go everywhere on our bikes and take over the town. Maybe I still have that feeling where once I’m on a bike, I can get anywhere.

Its so much easier and faster to get around a city by bike. Especially DC because its so much more spread out than Budapest. I’d say cycling is better here too because there are cycling paths and bike lanes everywhere. In Budapest these were almost unheard of. Also I’d say there is a pretty good cycle culture here. The radio I was listening to today was giving away a fancy bike instead of a TV or grille that would seem more typical. I’d say it also helps that there are police and guards everywhere because this city is so full of itself (see earlier post) that most bikes are generally protected. Still one of my fellow interns said hes lived here for 5 years and said he’s on his 4th bike because of theft.

Maybe the thrill of cycling is that you’re on the roads with all the cars but you have really no protection. You’re just there with complete freedom. Might be scary to some, and I should really get a helmet, but I kind of like that feeling. Guess we’ll really see how much I like it when I get to Argentina.


Eric(K) said...

1. yes cycling is great
2. yer one who has had all the bikes nicked has probably never locked them up properly, i shall write a post about this
3. get a helmet, only twats cycle with no helmet and the dutch,

greg said...

get a helmet. you have the means!

Okobojimom said...

Don't even think about Argentina until you get a helmet.